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Best Wicker Side Tables

wicker side table

Wicker furniture is beautiful and provides an instant facelift to any patio. The amount of time and skill required to intricately weave the rattan is nothing to be overlooked. That’s why they have stood the test of time and remained a classic furniture item across the world. And these days you don’t just have the […]

Best Wicker Dressers

wicker dressers for sale

Both indoor and outdoor wicker furniture is very popular and for good reason. They aren’t limited by their material and come in a wide range of styles and colors that appeal to many people. Wicker dressers are a beautiful option in a bedroom because they can fit almost any style. That’s why we put together […]

Best Wicker Storage Ottomans

wicker storage ottomans for sale

Wicker storage ottomans are very popular because they can fit in a lot of homes. Not only are there a lot of colors to choose from and you can also find shapes and sizes that will work in different rooms. Last but not least, they can be used indoors and outdoors.   Wicker Storage Ottomans […]

Best High Back Wicker Chairs

If you’re looking for a special way to spice up a room, few pieces are as exciting and unique as high back chairs. They create a very different look and feel depending on how they’re used, and that creative element can be enhanced even further by using a high back wicker chair.   High Back […]

What is Wicker? How is Wicker Furniture Made?

what is wicker

Browse This Article: What is Wicker? How is Wicker Furniture Made? What is Wicker Furniture Made From? History of Wicker What is the Difference Between Rattan and Wicker? Can Wicker Be Used Outdoors? Why Is Wicker Furniture Expensive? What is Wicker? Wicker is a type of furniture style that is weaved together using various materials. […]

Best Wicker Swivel Chairs

wicker swivel chairs

Wicker swivel chairs are a wonderful option for any outdoor space. You can choose a single chair, place it on your balcony, and now you have a comfortable place to relax outdoors. In addition, you can find a wicker swivel chair set with a table and set it up so you can sit and talk […]

Best Wicker Sofas

wicker sofa

If you are buying furniture for your house or your patio, you can choose from many options. There is one type of sofas that people are using for both indoors and outdoors. This type is called a wicker sofa. We put together a huge collection of rattan sofas that can be used indoors and outdoors. […]

Best Wicker Storage Benches

wicker storage benches

We absolutely love wicker storage benches because they are functional and they don’t take away from your space. We all need a little extra storage. That’s where wicker benches with storage can be very useful for homeowners. We put together a huge list of wicker storage bins and benches that you will love.   Wicker […]