Best Wicker Furniture Cushions

wicker cushions

When you get a new wicker furniture set, you absolutely need wicker furniture cushions. We have a huge collection of wicker loveseat cushions, chair cushions, sofa cushions, and more. It can be difficult to find the best cushions in all the patterns you want at your local store, which is why we listed our collection […]

Best Outdoor Wicker Couches

outdoor wicker couches

There are plenty of reasons to want outdoor wicker couches on your patio. Sometimes, you may have a small area outside where you need to put some furniture, such as a couch. Luckily, wicker outdoor couches and sofas give you plenty of options, styles, and colors. We put together a huge list of furniture below […]

Best Hanging Wicker Baskets

hanging wicker baskets

If you want to dress up the outside of your home and you’re a big plant person, then outdoor wicker hanging planter baskets are perfect for you! You can also use hanging wicker baskets indoors as well. They are unique and beautiful options when you want to add more plants in and around your home. […]

Best Outdoor Wicker Tables

outdoor wicker tables rattan tables

It can be difficult to find outdoor wicker tables for sale. From coffee tables to end tables to dining tables, there is a lot of outdoor furniture that you need. We put together a huge list of wicker patio tables in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you can find what you need. Whether […]

Best Wicker Chair Sets

wicker chair sets

There are a huge variety of wicker chairs sets including wicker dining chair sets, wicker conversation sets, and more. You can find a ton of different rattan chair sets for an outdoor patio or for your indoor space. There are plenty of chair and wicker furniture sets including 2 piece chair sets, 4 piece chair […]

Best Black Wicker Patio Furniture

black wicker patio furniture

One of the most popular colors when it comes to wicker is the color black. You can find all sorts of black wicker furniture and black wicker baskets. There is a huge variety of products and we put together this guide to bring you all of the best options for your patio, deck, balcony, or […]

Best Outdoor Wicker Chairs

outdoor wicker chairs

Many materials will not last when they are left outdoors. Metal and wood both can wear away under harsh weather conditions. That’s why outdoor wicker chairs can be a perfect choice for your patio. These chairs have materials like seagrass and rattan. Apart from that, synthetic materials can also be used to make these chairs. […]

Best Rattan & Wicker Waste Baskets & Waste Bins

wicker waste baskets

For most people, wicker wastebaskets are an afterthought when they go to design a room. The goal is usually to make them as invisible as possible so that other design elements draw the most attention. But wicker waste bins are a game-changer because they are functional and beautiful. They can add a decorative element to […]