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Best Wicker Chair Sets

wicker chair sets

There are a huge variety of wicker chairs sets including wicker dining chair sets, wicker conversation sets, and more. You can find a ton of different rattan chair sets for an outdoor patio or for your indoor space. There are plenty of chair and wicker furniture sets including 2 piece chair sets, 4 piece chair […]

Best Outdoor Wicker Chairs

outdoor wicker chairs

Many materials will not last when they are left outdoors. Metal and wood both can wear away under harsh weather conditions. That’s why outdoor wicker chairs can be a perfect choice for your patio. These chairs have materials like seagrass and rattan. Apart from that, synthetic materials can also be used to make these chairs. […]

Best Wicker Swivel Chairs & Rattan Swivel Chairs

wicker swivel chairs

Wicker swivel chairs are a wonderful option for any outdoor space. You can choose a single chair, place it on your balcony, and now you have a comfortable place to relax outdoors. In addition, you can find a wicker swivel chair set with a table and set it up so you can sit and talk […]

Best Wicker Swing Chairs & Rattan Swing Chairs

wicker swing chairs for sale

Wicker swing chairs provide any member of your family with a place to sit back, put their feet up and relax. These chairs offer a soothing rhythm that’s similar to a rocking chair but with a greater range of motion. That’s why we put together a huge collection of swing chairs that you can use […]

Best Wicker Peacock Chairs & Rattan Peacock Chairs

wicker peacock chair

Wicker peacock chairs can be seen as a little outdated. The style is very unique and was very popular in the past, so we are more used to seeing them in less modern and contemporary settings. However, taking a step back to first admire the beauty of wicker peacock chairs, it doesn’t take long to […]

Best Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs

outdoor wicker dining chair

Outdoor wicker dining chairs can work on every patio. Some people like modern furniture while others prefer antique designs. When it comes to style and durability, no one can deny the versatility of wicker furniture. You can find hundreds of variations even in one type of wicker furniture. Wicker patio dining chairs are an essential […]

Best White Wicker Rocking Chairs

White Wicker Rocking Chair Styles You can enjoy white wicker rocking chairs that are made of resin. Then there are some that are made of rattan as well. There are those that tend to be more romantic in style and then there are those types of white wicker rocking chairs that tend to have a […]

Best Wicker Counter Stools & Rattan Counter Stools

wicker counter stools for sale

Wicker counter stools come in a huge range of styles and designs so they can most definitely suit your needs and your personal tastes. You have a lot of options with everything, starting with the color of the rattan, more commonly found in the lighter shades and this can work beautifully in bright white spaces […]

Best Outdoor Wicker Bar Stools

outdoor wicker bar stools

Outdoor wicker bar stools are perfect when you need to complete your patio bar set or an outdoor tiki bar. Wicker is popular for outdoor furniture because it will last for years and it won’t break down. In addition, there is a huge collection of bar stools made with a wicker style in materials like […]

Best Hanging Wicker Egg Chairs

wicker hanging egg chairs

It can be difficult to find hanging wicker egg chairs. They aren’t sold in every store and you don’t always have a large selection to choose from. We decided to put together our favorite hanging egg chairs made in a wicker style out of materials like rattan, seagrass, synthetic wicker, and more. You can find […]