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Best Hanging Wicker Baskets

hanging wicker baskets

If you want to dress up the outside of your home and you’re a big plant person, then outdoor wicker hanging planter baskets are perfect for you! You can also use hanging wicker baskets indoors as well. They are unique and beautiful options when you want to add more plants in and around your home. […]

Best Wicker Hampers & Rattan Hampers

wicker hampers

We all need places to store our dirty clothes, and that’s where a wicker hamper comes in. We have a huge variety of wicker hampers with lids, brown hampers, separated bins, and more. Wicker is a great material because it is durable and it is very beautiful. In addition, you can always find colors that […]

Best Wicker Wall Baskets & Rattan Wall Baskets

wicker wall baskets

One unique option when it comes to decoration and storage is a wicker wall basket. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and themes so you can find something that matches your home. Decorative hanging wall baskets have become more popular because they are functional and they are also beautiful for your home’s wall […]

Best Wicker Shelf Baskets & Rattan Shelf Baskets

wicker shelf baskets

Organization is key and there are ways to make your home look great while doing it. Wicker shelf baskets are particularly popular right now because they are just so useful and they blend in with anyone’s home interior and decor. If you have a bunch of shelves where there is empty space, wicker and rattan […]

Best Rectangle Wicker Baskets

rectangle wicker baskets

Are you looking to restore functionality to your home with a little bit of fashion? Rectangular wicker baskets may be the perfect solution! These stylish baskets come in a variety of sizes and can be used virtually anywhere and for anything. We put together a huge list of rectangle shaped wicker baskets, which you can […]