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Best Wicker Peacock Chairs

wicker peacock chair

Wicker peacock chairs can be seen as a little outdated. The style is very unique and was very popular in the past, so we are more used to seeing them in less modern and contemporary settings. However, taking a step back to first admire the beauty of wicker peacock chairs, it doesn’t take long to […]

Best White Wicker Rocking Chairs

White Wicker Rocking Chair Styles You can enjoy white wicker rocking chairs that are made of resin. Then there are some that are made of rattan as well. There are those that tend to be more romantic in style and then there are those types of white wicker rocking chairs that tend to have a […]

Best Wicker Folding Chairs

What Are Wicker Folding Chairs? Wicker folding chairs are chairs that can easily fold and collapse that are made with the woven wicker technique. The wicker chairs that can be folded are called folding wicker chairs. These chairs are known for their style and strength. Wicker chairs are popular for their strength and durability. How […]

Best Wicker Papasan Chairs

wicker papasan chairs

When you are searching for a beautiful and durable chair, consider a wicker papasan chair. They are unique and they look great in a bedroom. If you have children or teenagers, they will love sitting in a rattan papasan chair while they read, go on their laptop, or play video games. We listed our favorite […]

Best Wicker Armchairs

wicker armchairs

Looking to add some new furniture into your home or vacation home? If you’re looking for something casual but functional, wicker armchairs might be the right selection. Rattan armchairs can be placed nearly anywhere as they don’t take up too much space and can coordinate with other furniture items you have nearby easily, such as […]

Best Hanging Wicker Egg Chairs

wicker hanging egg chairs

It can be difficult to find hanging wicker egg chairs. They aren’t sold in every store and you don’t always have a large selection to choose from. We decided to put together our favorite hanging egg chairs made in a wicker style out of materials like rattan, seagrass, synthetic wicker, and more. You can find […]

Best White Wicker Chairs

white wicker chair

If you ever wanted your patio to have an elegant courtyard feel, then white wicker chairs are a wonderful option. These white chairs are a furniture piece that is timeless and versatile with any existing decor. Wicker chairs have long been used outdoors and indoors in order to add comfort and style to a space. […]

Best Black Wicker Chairs

black wicker chairs

When it comes to the world of wicker, there is no style more versatile than the black wicker chair. The great thing about these black wicker chairs is that they simply work in a variety of settings and with any home. You can use them as lounge chairs, dining chairs, accent chairs, and more. That’s […]

Best White Wicker Furniture

white wicker furniture

We love white wicker furniture but it can be difficult to find. There are a lot of different styles and colors of wicker furniture, and white wicker is very popular. It is popular indoors and outdoors and you will find people using white wicker furniture sets in a sunroom with cushions that match the home. […]