Best Large Wicker Baskets & Large Rattan Baskets

large wicker baskets

Large wicker baskets are a great storage solution for big and bulky items such as bedding, clothes, towels, blankets, pillows, toys, and many other home products. Wicker baskets are versatile in their design and come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. We love large round wicker baskets and square wicker baskets for a home.

Large Wicker Baskets




Large Rectangle Wicker Baskets

Large rectangle wicker baskets will look stunning at the house entrance and serve as a practical shoe storage solution. It can also be placed in the child’s room to store toys and stuffed animals. It will noticeably hide the usual clutter that children tend to leave on the floor and make the room look tidy and organized.

In a living room, you can use it to hide video games, television accessories, or magazines, and it will look trendy next to a media console. What about the kitchen? You can use large rectangle wicker baskets as fruit, vegetable, and other food items holders. You can place it in the bathroom to organize laundry or in a bedroom to store cushions, duvets, and other bedding items.

Wicker Provides Beautiful Large Baskets

Large baskets are a stylish alternative to the usually unappealing storage boxes. You can bring elegance and beauty to your house’s interior design with this affordable and versatile storage element. However, the house isn’t the only place where you can use wicker baskets. A large rectangular wicker basket will look amazing as part of a restaurant décor or as a storage solution in a business office. It all depends on choosing the suitable woven pattern, color, and style of the basket to add the desired decorative accent to a specific interior design.

Large Round Wicker Baskets

You can use large round wicker baskets for the same multi-functional reasons as rectangular ones, but they offer other decorative solutions. For example, you can place stems and branches in the large round basket to create a purely decorative statement piece. You can also plant a lemon or any other tree in the basket to add a vintage or rustic touch to your office or household. There are numerous options that you can experiment with to create a one-of-a-kind decorative element that will leave your guests in awe.

Wicker Uses Natural Materials

Wicker baskets are environmentally-friendly and made from sustainable materials that include rattan, seagrass, willow, etc. The great range of materials allows the baskets to be placed anywhere inside the house, including office and children’s rooms.

Wicker Baskets are Lightweight and Beautiful

Large wicker baskets are lightweight due to the sustainable materials, yet sturdy enough to keep their initial shape and not falter with time. Wicker baskets are also easily cleaned, unlike other storage boxes. All you need is a slightly damp piece of clothes to brush off the dust and dirt that accumulates over time. That way, they can remain beautiful for as long as you have them.

In Summary

Large baskets are a must-have for storage in every home. As time goes by, we become savvier with the way we store products without giving up our beautiful home decorations. Large wicker baskets provide storage and home decorations you will absolutely love.