Best Outdoor Wicker Couches

outdoor wicker couches

There are plenty of reasons to want outdoor wicker couches on your patio. Sometimes, you may have a small area outside where you need to put some furniture, such as a couch. Luckily, wicker outdoor couches and sofas give you plenty of options, styles, and colors. We put together a huge list of furniture below that you will love.

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Wicker furniture has grown up. There’s little doubt about that these days—the quality is better, the pricing is more competitive and the range of pieces is incredible, especially when it comes to outdoor wicker couches.

But many people really have no idea how to buy a wicker couch. They don’t know what to look for, what questions to ask or how to evaluate a product. With that in mind, here are some tips from the insiders that make outdoor wicker couches, summarized in a neat package.

First off, look for an experienced company. There are a lot of new companies making wicker outdoor couches, and while many make quality products, there are some that don’t. A history of more than a couple of decades will tell you that a company has a better idea of what goes into the design and manufacture of outdoor wicker couches, especially if that company is independently owned.

Next, look for comfort. This may seem obvious, but it’s not always easy to find. Make sure the cushions in a wicker outdoor couch are angled back with the front edge a little higher, and make sure to try some products. Online shopping is great, but it’s impossible to get a true idea of what the comfort level will be like without some in-person experience.

Also, check out the construction of the outdoor wicker couch, and once again it’s important to know what to look for here. The frames should be solid, and preferably welded so you don’t have to do any assembly. The warranty for the frame should reflect that, and the cushions should be warrantied in an analogous fashion.

What about the materials? While wicker has gotten better lately, it’s still important to know whether yours is synthetic, and where it came from if it isn’t.

Good companies will tell you where their wicker comes from, and what kind of synthetic blend if they use that for their wicker outdoor couches.

They’ll also tell you about the factory information. What are the conditions and the standards? Who does the weaving? How long have they been making wicker? Do they make other wicker products, or do they specialize in wicker outdoor couches?

Finally, you need to understand the effect of climate on your outdoor wicker couch. This will be different in Florida, for instance, than it might be anywhere in the Northeast, where the outdoor wicker couch is used exclusively on a seasonal basis.

This will help inform your quality choice and how much you decide to pay, and that in turn will allow you to have the best possible experience with your new outdoor wicker couch.