Best Square Wicker Baskets

square wicker basket

Square wicker baskets are a very popular option throughout homes. Part of it could be due to the organizational trend: people love to have a designated place and a way to store things. Square wicker storage baskets are somewhere you can store kids toys, magazines, blankets, and more. That’s why we put together a huge collection of square-shaped rattan baskets below.

Square Wicker Baskets



About Square Wicker Baskets

These square-shaped wicker baskets are so popular likely due to the fact that they look great, can fit anywhere easily on shelves or tables or cabinets and nooks, and can hold a lot of your household things, whether books, phone chargers, and tech items, office supplies, or whatever you choose to put in there.

What Are Square-Shaped Wicker Baskets?

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but these baskets are made out of wicker or framed with wicker and come in a square shape. They are used for decoration but also function well for storing items and making the home look cleaner and more presentable. You can always pull one out and retrieve whatever you need.

Square Wicker Baskets Styles and Colors

From white to gray to wooden wicker classic style and many other colors, you can find a variety of wicker baskets out there. A lot of the square styles typically are a warm brown, and a lot of variations on brown shades are common. You can also find smaller to larger sizes, depending on what you’re going to use them for and where they will be placed.

Where to Use Square Shaped Wicker Baskets

You can place these in a bathroom on a shelf or rack that you have in there, or closet shelves. They can be placed on shelves easily or tucked under furniture in kitchens and living rooms. Place them in the bedroom or a closet if used to store laundry or blankets. Use them where you have need or where you would like them displayed! These baskets fit in and can be used virtually anywhere in the home.

Why You Need Square Wicker Baskets

Square-shaped wicker baskets are the perfect blend of style and function. They make you look organized simply by being there, and hideaway just the right amount of things and provide easy storage. Every home has a need of places to put things, and with many colors, sizes, and styles you are sure to find one or more that fit perfectly in your home.