Best Wicker Bar Stools & Rattan Bar Stools

wicker bar stools

It can be difficult to find wicker bar stools for your home. If you have an outdoor tiki bar, one of the best options is choosing wicker stools. In addition, wicker counter stools are popular for high-top tables and bars. We put together a huge variety of options below so you can complete your bar.

Wicker Bar Stools





How to Choose Wicker Bar Stools

Everyone loves wicker furniture because of the vintage and southern touch it adds to the interior design or the outdoor patio. Wicker bar stools are no exception. In our modern world, we prefer to go for woven, natural, and environmentally-friendly materials that still offer that unique look and comfort. Wicker bar stools provide us with all three qualities yet vary in their design, color, and shape. We listed some ideas for purchasing rattan bar stools below.

Wicker Bar Stool Colors

For example, backless bar stools in light brown, grey, and white colors give a more contemporary and vintage vibe, while wicker counter stools in dark brown and black colors create a more antique and sophisticated look.

What are Wicker Counter Stools?

The wicker counter stools are perfect for a kitchen countertop breakfast bar. They bring that top-notch look and make the breakfast experience so much more relaxed and laid back. You can add a fresh new style to your in-home bar by placing the indoor wicker bar stools around it. Your friends and family will love the adjustable, high seats, and the extra space tucked neatly under the bar stools offer during the get-togethers and social occasions. You can also give your dining room an unusual twist by adding wicker counter stools that will mix and match effortlessly with the other furniture in the room.

Outdoor Wicker Bar Stools

The outdoor wicker bar stools will coordinate with your existing patio, deck, or backyard furniture while adding style and a classic beach accent to the space. The natural wicker materials make the stools lightweight yet durable to different kinds of weather conditions. You can choose from cushioned or non-cushioned, armed or armless, backless or with intricately woven back options. Wicker bar stools can have many different metallic, wooden, fiber, and other material accents in their arms and legs construction, so you will find the one that suits your needs and desires.

Indoor Wicker Bar Stools

The indoor and outdoor wicker stools are ideal for bar and restaurant owners. They can help to customize the bar space and solve many problems with sitting arrangements. The wicker furniture enhances a comfortable and homey atmosphere that is so important in the bar setting because that’s why people come to the bar – to unwind and to relax. In a restaurant, the stools can reinterpret the classic and timeless design in a contemporary and modern way.

Why You Need a Wicker Bar Stool

Wicker bar stools look good in sets and vary from simple and subtly textured designs that tame the eye to dramatic and intricately woven styles that capture everyone’s attention and make a statement on their own. However, what makes wicker bar stools stand out from other stools is the comfort that they bring. You can sit on a wicker stool for hours and enjoy long conversations with your friends without feeling any pain in your legs and back.