Best Rattan & Wicker Baskets With Handles

wicker basket with handles

Wicker baskets are strong and durable. These baskets are available in many shapes and sizes. But, the best wicker baskets are those that come with handles. You can pick a single-handle or double-handled wicker basket. We put together a huge list of products for sale below that you will love.

Wicker Baskets With Handles



Why Use A Wicker Basket With Handles

There are a variety of reasons you would use a wicker basket, and especially one with handles. We go through some of the benefits below that you will have as soon as you purchase one for your home.

Easy To Carry Baskets

When you will get handles on wicker baskets, it would be easier for you to carry them. The handles of a wicker basket are strong. So, you can use those handles without being worried. You can carry heavy things in wicker baskets. Hence, you would love ‘easy to carry wicker baskets’.

Strong and Sturdy Baskets

The weaving process of wicker baskets is truly unique. This process makes the basket super strong. Moreover, the materials of the wicker basket make these baskets stronger. These materials can withstand harsh weather conditions. So, you can use these baskets years and years.

Baskets Hold No Water

You can use wicker baskets in your kitchen and bathroom. Because the majority of the wicker baskets can’t hold water. This means you can keep washed vegetables, fruits, and clothes on these baskets. The water will leak out slowly and you will get dry vegetables or clothes.

Versatile Uses for Baskets

You can use handled wicker baskets to carry anything in it. Papers, groceries, foods, clothes, toys, beauty products, and more things. As a result, these baskets can be useful for daily needs.

Wicker Uses No Harmful Materials

Usually, wicker baskets don’t contain any harmful materials. These baskets are woven with natural materials. So, they are safe. Furthermore, these baskets can be recycled easily. Therefore, you can use them without any hesitation.

Different Types Of Handled Wicker Baskets

A wicker basket with handles can come in many sizes and shapes. You can buy rectangular, oval, circular, or square baskets. Apart from that, small hand-held baskets are also available. Belly baskets and large baskets with lids can also be bought.

Where Can You Use Wicker Baskets With Handles

You can use them in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, car, commercial stores, office, and garden. The best part of these baskets is that they can be used indoors and outdoors. So, use handled wicker baskets wherever you want.

Can Wicker Baskets Enhance Your Home Decor?

Yes, modern wicker baskets can make your home stylish and eye-catching. Because modern wicker baskets are available in multiple colors. You can get brown, grey, and white-colored wicker baskets. Moreover, the attractive shapes of wicker baskets make them more stylish and convenient.

Wicker Basket Material

Wicker baskets can be woven with water hyacinth, seagrass, or rattan. Synthetic materials can also be used to weave these baskets. But, if you love nature, then you should choose natural materials. Wicker baskets are many times made with natural materials. So, everybody will surely praise your choice. Hence, using wicker baskets with handles is a wise decision.

In Summary

There are plenty of reasons to purchase a basket with handles, but ultimately it helps when you are moving a basket constantly. Every wicker laundry basket should have handles and other baskets can have them as well.