Best Rattan & Wicker Baskets With Lids

wicker baskets lids

It can be very difficult to add functional and beautiful storage space to your home. One option to add additional storage is to use wicker baskets with lids. Not only can they hide your dirty laundry or your children’s toys, they are also beautiful. We listed a huge variety of storage baskets for sale with lids that are made out of rattan, synthetic wicker, seagrass, bamboo, and other materials.

Wicker Baskets With Lids



What are Wicker Baskets With Lids?

Wicker baskets with lids are simple, rattan-style storage containers. Their woven design complements your décor and some have a lid which is hinged to the base, while others have a lid which can be completely removed. Several are lined with a soft fabric, such as cotton.

Why You Need Wicker Baskets With Lids and How to Use Them

People need additional storage space and wicker baskets with lids are a flexible storage solution. These large boxes make it easy to keep your sewing in one place or keep your craft supplies together. They can even be stacked with essentials in your RV.

Where can Wicker Baskets With Lids Be Used?

Large wicker baskets with lids can be used indoors to store toys, clothing and various odds and ends. Those that are woven from synthetic materials that are water-resistant can be used on your patio to store your watercolors and children’s board games.

What are Different Styles of Wicker Baskets With Lids?

Several individuals and families use wicker laundry baskets with lids, which keep their folded clothes organized and look great. These generally have handles but there are also baskets without handles and some which resemble treasure chests. These often have feet which keep memorabilia stored safely above the ground.

What are Different Color Options for Wicker Baskets With Lids?

Most wicker baskets with lids are available in beige, dark brown and other natural shades. You can also find shades like pink or blue to match your décor.