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When it’s time to sit outside and relax after a hard day, wicker rocking chairs are one of the best options you have. Not only are they beautiful, but you can also get comfortable chairs with wicker cushions for rocking chairs. However, they can be difficult to find at your local furniture store. That’s why we put together a huge list of outdoor rocking chairs for your patio, balcony, porch, or deck.

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Why You Need Wicker Rocking Chairs

Wicker furniture can immediately add beauty and comfort to any space. It’s not just a coincidence that many home shows and magazines feature wicker furniture. Aside from being elegant, wicker furniture is known for being durable as well. If you desire to upgrade your outdoor space, maybe the addition of wicker rocking chairs would be just what you need. This article will further discuss wicker rocking chairs, the benefits of getting them, pricing, colors, usage, and styles.

Benefits of Getting Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chairs

Wicker furniture is produced by weaving cane, reeds, or rattan vines, which explains why these pieces of furniture are durable. People consider buying outdoor wicker rocking chairs due to several reasons – durability, minimal maintenance, versatility, and safety. Here are more detailed explanations for these benefits.

Wicker is Durable

The primary materials used for crafting wicker rocking chairs are already durable before even becoming outdoor furniture. After weaving these materials, they further increase in strength and durability.

Wicker Requires Minimal Maintenance

Outdoor wicker rocking chairs made from organic materials naturally prevent rotting and bugs. While they are prone to extreme weather conditions, this issue can easily be fixed by applying lacquer to avoid mold problems.

It’s also easy to keep natural wicker furniture clean since they only need to be wiped down when it gets visibly dirty. When it comes to coatings, you are only required to get them coated every year.

Wicker Offers Versatility

Wicker rocking chairs are timeless, blending into almost all furniture styles seamlessly. With the vast variety of designs and colors to choose from, matching your wicker furniture with your current design will surely be an easy task.

Wicker is Safe

Considering safety is also important when it comes to choosing furniture. Many households have children occupants, who can sometimes be a little careless. This is hardly a problem when it comes to outdoor wicker rocking chairs since they are both durable and lightweight. If ever children tumble out of the chair, they are not likely to get hurt, unlike if you have heavy furniture.

How to Choose Wicker Rocking Chairs

There are plenty of considerations when you are choosing any piece of furniture. Some of the main things you need to choose from include price, color, style, and size.

Price of Wicker Rocking Chairs

Depending on the quality of your wicker rocking chair, each one costs between $100 to $250. The specific style you choose will also determine the chair’s price. If the chair’s design is very intricate and possesses elaborate craftsmanship, expect the price to be higher. A single rocking chair made out of real wicker can go upwards of $300, but they are usually made with the highest quality materials and they come with comfortable cushions.

Wicker Rocking Chair Cushion Colors

Each home has a unique style and color scheme. Fortunately, the outdoor wicker rocking chairs and cushions we offer come in a wide range of colors. This ensures that regardless of your needs, there is surely a perfect fit.

Where to Use Wicker Rocking Chairs

Our wicker rocking chairs add elegance to all settings. These chairs are perfect additions for your patio, porch, balcony, or backyard. The materials used in their construction makes them look tropical and elegant at the same time.

Different Rocking Chair Styles

Whatever particular style you’re going for, there is a particular style to match your home’s aesthetic. Our rocking chairs come in these styles – mid-century, modern, antique, and victorian. Since you also have many colors to choose from, you’ll find the ideal piece in no time.

Using Our Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chairs

The rocking chairs we provide can help you relax and temporarily forget about the stressful things in your daily life. It is scientifically proven that rocking releases endorphins, which improves your mood and reduce stress. What are you waiting for? Take your outdoor space to the next level with our quality outdoor wicker rocking chairs.