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wicker shelf baskets

Organization is key and there are ways to make your home look great while doing it. Wicker shelf baskets are particularly popular right now because they are just so useful and they blend in with anyone’s home interior and decor. If you have a bunch of shelves where there is empty space, wicker and rattan baskets for shelves can fill it up and occupy that space.

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All About Wicker Shelf Baskets

Below, we go over everything you need to know about getting a new shelf basket for your home. We all need more storage, organization, and decorations. You can’t go wrong with additional decor on your shelves.

What Are Wicker Shelf Baskets?

These are baskets, typically rectangular or square, that are made to go on shelves (although they can be placed anywhere that you like). They slide right in on shelves and can hold a variety of items, for example hair styling appliances, and keep them all in one place. The wicker is durable and will hold appearance and function for a long time, and these baskets blend in virtually anywhere no matter the color and style.

More importantly, they serve as a storage place for a variety of items and can easily be moved at any time. They’re also less distracting than having random items and can allow them to be collected and in one easy-to-find place.

Wicker Baskets Styles and Colors

White, black, light gray, charcoal gray, pink, blue, imitation wood color, espresso— many different colors exist for this type of basket. They can have all-wicker exterior and interior or just wicker on the outside alone with a flatter interior. Check out the baskets available and see which color and size or style might go great in your home!

Place Baskets On Any Shelf or Surface You Like

Shelves in a closet, display shelves, a bookcase or vertical shelving unit– anything that is flat and a shelf-like surface works with these baskets. They’re designed to easily place on any shelf and be removed whenever necessary. If you want something inside, simply pull out, remove the item, and place the basket back.

The Benefits of Wicker Baskets for Shelves

They look great and they’re easy to use and place in any home, no assembly acquired. These wicker shelf baskets also look uniform, so if you get several of them they go great together. Plus, they don’t look overly feminine or masculine in style, so it works for everyone’s taste. They’re convenient, stylish, and add to home decor rather than take away. They also last a long time and are resistant to damage. Check them out and see what you think!