Best Wicker Storage Baskets & Rattan Storage Baskets

wicker storage baskets

The main purpose of wicker storage baskets is to provide an easy and classic storage solution and add a stunning finish touch to the overall decor of your space. Wicker baskets for storage are in charge of maximizing your home space potential and removing messy clutter. Whatever items you need to store, wicker storage baskets are the ideal storage solution. That’s why we put together our entire collection below so you can find what you are looking for.

Wicker Storage Baskets




How to Use Wicker Storage Baskets

They have a multitude of purposes, from storing sheets in your bedroom to store blankets in your living room or towels in your bathroom. Wicker baskets have unbelievably huge storage potential. With its classic style and look, they will perfectly blend into any room of your place. Ask yourself how many times we make clutter mess into our closet shelves? Try placing one of the wicker basket models in your closet to hold unnecessary accessories, loose socks, etc. Baskets are definitely an excellent addition to your home for many reasons.

Wicker Laundry Storage Baskets With Lids

You can try using a wicker basket as a functional laundry hamper. Simply place it in your bathroom and store any toiletries or towels in an elegant style. Wicker storage baskets with lids are the perfect way to improve the aesthetic look of your laundry room. They can also be placed in bedrooms so all the dirty clothes are in one place when it’s time to do laundry. Wicker storage baskets with lids are the perfect choice for covering whatever you are storing, especially dirty clothes.

Living Room Storage with Wicker Baskets

As the living room can get cluttered with pillows, toys, different magazines, and everything else – store them in a basket and get rid of clutter. Even if you are one of the tidy homeowners, wicker baskets can contribute a lot as a decorative element. They are helping in the styling of any room. From globally inspired to coastal and other baskets, you can show people around you what’s your personal style.

Wicker Baskets for Planting or Faux Plants

Maybe this didn’t come to your mind, but a wicker basket can also serve as a planter for a faux plant. Simply replace the boring and worn pot with one of these baskets.

Wicker Storage Baskets With Handles

What else makes these wicker baskets so good? Well, they come with handles that allow easy transportation and access. There are also stackable models for additional storage purposes. Stacking of wicker baskets is absolutely the best way to get the most out of your room.

In Summary

Storage baskets are a great way to hold all your belongings at your fingertips without sacrificing the look of the room. Combining practical and aesthetically beautiful is a real winning combination when it comes to home interior design, and you just can’t go wrong with wicker baskets for storage.