Best Wicker Wall Baskets & Rattan Wall Baskets

wicker wall baskets

One unique option when it comes to decoration and storage is a wicker wall basket. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and themes so you can find something that matches your home. Decorative hanging wall baskets have become more popular because they are functional and they are also beautiful for your home’s wall decorations. We listed our favorite products for sale below.

Wicker Wall Baskets



How are Wicker Wall Baskets Used?

Wicker wall baskets are mainly used for wall decor purposes. No matter if they’re hung up just to light up a room or they’re used to store things, they’ll be a great addition to your home. Due to the natural and fresh vibes that come with wicker, these types of decorative pieces are perfect to create a boho, vintage, traditional, or coastal style.

Popular Styles of Wicker Wall Baskets

Nowadays you can find all sorts of types and styles of wall baskets in the markets. Each artisan and designer gives them their personal touch to create beautiful and unique functional pieces. You can get baskets of all sizes, shapes, and colors, you just need to choose the ones that best suit your home style.

Where To Use Wicker Wall Baskets

Wicker wall baskets look great no matter where you put them. But depending on the room that you choose for them and the other decorative pieces that you choose for that room is the environment that you’ll create.

For example, you can hang a couple of wicker baskets in a cottage bedroom, add a matching rug, a couple of pots that match the color scheme of your baskets, and you’ll have a cozy bedroom and inviting bedroom.

You can place them in dining and living spaces and they’ll create a beautiful accent on your wall. Depending on the style of wicker baskets that you choose, you could use them as plant holders, magazine holders, or even make them part of your decorative lighting.

Benefits of Wicker Wall Baskets

You can never go wrong by adding a wicker element at home. A wicker basket will light up your rooms in a unique way. The best part about them is that they’re inexpensive and they’ll last for a lifetime.