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For most people, wicker wastebaskets are an afterthought when they go to design a room. The goal is usually to make them as invisible as possible so that other design elements draw the most attention. But wicker waste bins are a game-changer because they are functional and beautiful. They can add a decorative element to your design, which means they don’t have to be hidden at all. We listed some of our favorite options below.

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10 Best Wicker Waste Baskets
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10 Best Wicker Waste Baskets


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How to Choose Wicker Waste Baskets

Many people want to hide their garbage bins because they are not a design element. However, it’s different when it comes to wicker garbage baskets. In fact, they can actually be featured in some instances, so let’s go through some of the basic design elements you’ll need to know to do this effectively.

Where to Use Wicker Waste Bins

The first step is to determine which rooms need a wicker waste basket. This will depend on on the number of people potentially using them, of course, and you should also take your lifestyle and the basic decor of each individual room into account.

The next step is placement. For smaller wicker waste baskets, you can put them near or underneath a desk, beside a bed in a bedroom, or next to a couch or recliner in a living room or sun room.

The best part of placement is that each room gives you an opportunity to use wicker in a new and different way. You can even use wicker to vary your decor, or splash up an existing design.

Wicker Waste Basket Shape

Now let’s talk about shape of the waste baskets. This is definitely the fun part, especially with wicker. Wicker waste baskets can be conical, cylindrical, scalloped, rectangle, square, and so on, and each individual shape can be used in different ways.

Why You Need Wicker Waste Bins

Another plus when using wicker waste bins is that they’re both functional and durable. Wicker has a versatile finish, and you can use this to mix and match with other styles.

Colors and Sizes of Wicker Garbage Bins

Colors can be bright or darker, and many wicker waste baskets come in a multi-color format that shows off the artistic weave and design pattern. Another element to consider is size. For smaller rooms or rooms where you’re using a wicker waste basket as an accent, the wicker waste basket itself can be small as well.

Large Wicker Waste Baskets

For larger rooms, though, wicker waste bins can also serve a more utilitarian purpose. Imagine having a room where your wicker waste basket adds a colorful flourish while also being large enough to decrease the number of times you need to empty the waste basket during a given week or month.

In Summary

Finally, make sure you choose a quality product when selecting your wicker waste basket. You want durability and functionality, but the good news is that it’s easy to get a great product from a company with plenty of experience in wicker design. That way you’ll have a wonderful wicker waste basket you can use for years, and you’ll likely get plenty of compliments in the way it adds a decorative touch to your home!